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Meet Our Team

Stephanie learned video production as a producer and host at Del Mar TV 20 years ago. It was there she came to love collaborating with nonprofit organizations that were often the subjects of her productions. She then met two teenagers who Inspired her to act, and started Pay It Forward Media to immerse disadvantaged youth in broadcast journalism and documentary production while continuing to serve the nonprofit community. With the assistance of these youth, she was able to produce and host 60 compelling documentary stories for local nonprofits. In the years that followed, she delivered hands-on video production training to youth in STEAM qualified programs across San Diego County. Stephanie’s lifelong dream and passion has become a reality as Pay It Forward Media is not only preparing opportunity youth for the workforce, it is also providing paid internship programs. These programs are led by Media Director, Bobby Gallegos, and with the support of its key partners: Access, Inc. and Learn4Life, where these youth can grow into mentors and “pay it forward” all while they are engaged in “personalized learning” and achieving their High School Diplomas.

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Stephanie Sullivan


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Trinity Houston

President & CEO

Trinity Houston and our Founder, Stephanie Sullivan originally met through the Roddenberry Dive Team and it was there that Trinity offered her  expertise for the Media creation of “Pay It Forward Media, Media that Matters”. Trinity and her co-worker, Denver Harris, together produced the very first website as well as creating the logos and editing Stephanie’s first video to place on the new website.

Trinity’s outstanding knowledge, background and passion to succeed in Media has “driven” her to accomplish her goals and dreams. Whether she is producing feature films, commercial video, television programming, or traveling the world to produce live concert DVDs, Trinity does it all with style; having always been driven by a single force: Creativity. She has moved into the world of film and music distribution as an agent for Studio City Pictures scouting and procuring quality content for theatrical and streaming entities worldwide. Houston has also held the position of Executive Producer for the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema for 10 years.


Bobby Gallegos

Multimedia Director

Bobby Gallegos is a Multimedia Graphic Designer with over 14 years experience in the design industry. He completed his degree, Bachelor of Science in Media Arts, from Platt College School of Design in 2003 and since then, focused his talent in a variety of ways. From developing his own successful graphic design business to teaching underprivileged youth, Bobby has shown his passion to help others grow in their own unique way.

It is his hope to bring about positive change not only for himself, but for the future youths of America. His skills in video production, sound editing, desktop publishing, and current trend awareness makes him ideal for training the youth of tomorrow. This way the youth of tomorrow can then contribute back to their home communities.


Michael Gold

CTE Media Instructor

Michael’s passion is to bring the transformative power of the communications disciplines to the underserved youth community. He has worked more than 20 years as a radio producer and host, TV news photojournalist, and as an instructor who has designed and taught interpersonal communication courses and workshops in high school, junior college and nonprofit programs all over San Diego County.
In addition to being the lead Universi instructor, Michael developed  FASTcourse , a program specifically for Title 1 schools to bring effective communication skills instruction into their classrooms through either a “Communication Across Curriculum” method, or a “Shared Class” method. The goal is to immerse students in interpersonal communication skill training with no additional workload being put upon individual teachers.

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