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Message From The Founder
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Stephanie Sullivan


Stephanie Sullivan learned video production as a Community TV Producer and Host, when she started volunteering in 2003 at Del Mar TV. It was there she came to love collaborating with nonprofit organizations that were often the subjects of her 22 documentary-style productions.

Inspired to act, she started Pay It Forward Media to immerse disadvantaged youth in broadcast journalism and documentary production while continuing to serve the nonprofit community.

In the years that followed, she delivered “hands-on” video production training to youth in STEAM- qualified programs across San Diego County. Stephanie is determined that one day Pay It Forward Media will not only prepare youth for the workforce, but also be a job creator where students can grow into mentoring their own peers “paying it forward along the way.”

PIFM obtained Tax Exempt Status:  October 2012

Pay It Forward Media delivers the “Future” of Pay It Forward Media in a Video Message

Co-Founders Francesca Carter and Dillan Stockham

Francesca Carter and Dillan Stockham at Del-Mar TV. Francesca and Dillan local seniors, start up their own Film/Media Business and help with the very first productions of Pay It Forward Media.

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