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2012 - 2015 Youth Program History

Kayla Warren.jpg

January 2012

Stephanie Sullivan meets Kayla Warren, Media/Arts/Entertainment Credentialed Teacher at CPMA Middle School, refers Stephanie Sullivan over to Madison High School. Together they create an “After-School Program” for disadvantaged youth.

Summer 2012 First Internship Program At Madison High School (MHS)

Kenny Taillac, MHS Student, volunteered for Pay It Forward Media from his  Sophomore to Senior year and recruited several other students to volunteer.

Summer 2012 – 2013

Stephanie Sullivan, Community Television Producer, Volunteers at Madison High School and carries into action: 32 Students through CCTE and SOTA Internship programs.


A 30-second promotional video for PIFM is produced and filmed in the James Madison High School multi million-dollar studio.

February 2013

Stephanie Sullivan writes (journalism) a Newspaper Article for the Del Mar Times about the Internship Program at Madison High School, and the “Release” of the Documentary Story, “The Princess Project Runway Event” co-produced by several Madison High School Interns.

Del Mar TV Producer.jpg

March 2013

Next, was PIFM’s very 1st Fundraiser at FIDM in Downtown San Diego and Mentor of the Year Award

PIFM 1st Fundraiser Invite.jpg
Princess Project BCard.jpg
Mentor of the Year.jpg

CCTE Mentor of the Year Certificate To Stephanie Sullivan

January 2012 - December 2014

Stephanie Sullivan joins the “Board of Directors” at THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF OCEANSIDE (BGCO) in 2012 and starts working with Youth Interns.

BGCO 60th Birthday Video!

“Light The Night Annual Walk” Hosted by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! ( There are several Boys & Girls Club Youth who Co-Hosted this show with me!)

July 2014


Description of Services.

Service Provider (PIFM) provides:

Opportunities for learning and development through specialized expertise which enables the students to progress toward high school graduation.

Service Provider (PIFM) will provide to School “some or all” of the public education and educational support

services described here:

  • Instruction in digital media arts and music

  • Workforce readiness training

  • Transitional placement and internships

Stephanie Sullivan meets Craig Beswick, May, 2013, and an “Educational Program MOU for Service Providers” Is executed on July 2014. Learn4Life introduces PIFM to ACCESS, INC. to work with their  “Opportunity Youth” in Paid Internship Programs.

March 2015

Awards to Interview Filmmakers.jpg
Awards to Interview Filmmakers 2.jpg

PIFM takes ACCESS Paid Interns to 2015 San Diego Film Awards to Interview Filmmakers!

Del Mar TV Producer.jpg

Stephanie Sullivan Stephanie Sullivan’s Journey at Del Mar TV comes to an end when the City of Del Mar demolishes the 50-year old Building to re-build their new offices.

The Del Mar Times interviews Stephanie Sullivan for her many years of Volunteerism at Del Mar TV and working with and mentoring youth, as well as asking her what her “Future Vision” for Pay It Forward Media was.

Stephanie has mentored over 77 students and gave them “Internship or Community Service Hours” to help her with producing and filming Charitable Events all over San Diego North and South County.

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