FASTcourse: Flexible Added Soft skills Training


Effective interpersonal communication curriculum 
adapted to any education environment.

Use Title 1 funds to bring
FASTcourse training into your school.


The course focuses on dynamic communication exercises that get students out of their comfort zones and engaged. The five core skill sets the exercises address are critical thinking, active listening, public speaking, nonverbal communication and the art of questions.

Two ways to execute the curriculum: "CAC" or Communications Across the Curriculum where communication skills are adapted into existing subjects, and "Insertion" where existing classes set aside time and Michael conducts communications exercises.


He can teach components of FASTcourse as a full credit course, stand-alone workshop, or even as a guest speaker/lecturer. He's delivered the curriculum at Alta Vista High School, the Monarch School, San Diego City College, and Access.


If you want to immerse your students in crucial soft skills training they must have in today's workforce - critical thinking and the ability to communicate those thoughts - let's get started!  

Email Michael for more information about FASTcourse: